WARNING: Spoilers contained below!



Stupid Dirty’s main characters deal with suicidal ideation, depression, intrusive thoughts of self-harm, anger issues and a total lack of appropriate mental health care. There’s a lot of neurodivergence which is described, but undiagnosed on the page.

Adults in the story are drug & alcohol users, as well as neglectful parents. Adult children are emotionally abused and physically attacked. A child suffers a minor injury in a household accident due to parental neglect and CPS becomes involved.

It’s implied that Cade’s mother was abused when she was in foster care as a child, but there’s no detail.

Silas gives a brief but graphic description of his own mother’s struggle with unlabeled mental health issues that were likely postpartum psychosis. They included her attempting to kill him as a baby and ultimately killing herself.

Sexual triggers include facefucking and under-negotiated breathplay.

There is a third act break up. I’m sorry, I hate them too. It’s just where the story went.

There is also a happy ending.